Submit Your Birth Story

Welcome, and thank you for submitting a birth story with us. 

We are grateful for our role in welcoming your baby and cannot wait to read about your experience through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth! 

There is no template to follow or expectation from us; please write in any way that helps you see your experience how you need to. 

What I love about stories the most is the power they have to teach us of possibilities that might not occur to us without them.” 

— Ina May Gaskin

Birth Story Writing Prompts

We’ve compiled some writing prompts to help get you started, but by no means do you have to use them.

  1. What happened leading up to labor starting? When did you arrive at the birth center, and how did you know it was time?
  2. How did your labor start? What do you remember thinking and feeling at this time?
  3. Who was with you, and did you feel supported?
  4. What did contractions feel like? How long did you push?
  5. What emotions do you still feel when you think about your birth? Are there any funny, quirky, or unexpected parts that replay in your mind?
  6. How would you describe your connection with your baby during pregnancy and after birth?
  7. When you talk to your partner or others present for the birth, what were their perceptions of events during your labor?
  8. How are you feeling postpartum? How are you being supported at this time?

By submitting your story, you are granting Juneau Family Birth Center permission to post it to our website and social media pages. If you'd like to keep your story anonymous, please refrain from using names or other identifying information. If you have submitted it in error, please notify us. 

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