Meet our Team

Beth Loehrke

Education: Portland Community College and Birthingway College of Midwifery

Clinical Training: Sunshine Family Health in Canby, OR; Andaluz Waterbirth
Center in Portland, OR

Areas of Interest: Relational wellness and mental health, sex and sexual wellbeing,

Pronouns: She/they

I have always been drawn to birth, even from the young age of 9 years old when I witnessed my best friend’s horse give birth. I remember thinking, “That was so cool… and so gross!” I didn’t realize until many years later that sense of awe, and wonder I had experienced then was the first time I felt called to midwifery. Now, I think of myself as a steward at the gate of life, there to support, gently guide the earthside, and help should the need arise. I have three young sons who are my greatest joys in life (along with my wonderful husband) and a cattle-dog mutt who is way too sassy sometimes. I enjoy spending time with them all in my free time, along with writing/recording music, playing guitar, and spending time in the woods alone or with my fellows. Building relationships is my favorite part of midwifery care… it’s the soul-filling good stuff, and I’m so excited to be joining JFBC in this new adventure!