Juneau Family Birth Center

Olivia’s Birth Story

HI! My name is Angela Wilde and I am a mother of 4 children. I am 31 years old and I have been a client of Juneau Birth Center 3 times now. They have always been awesome. My birth experiences range from my first “medical” in hospital, to birth center…

Griff’s Birth Story

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, I hit 38 weeks pregnant! My husband was in the midst of finals for nursing school. I wasn’t feeling well that morning so I decided to nap while our 19 month old napped, while my husband was studying for his first final the next day…

Erik’s Birth Story

The hospital in Petersburg doesn’t deliver babies anymore (I was born there), but my husband has family in Juneau, so we decided to go there for the birth. Initially, I had several reasons to choose the Birth Center for care…

Uri’s Birth Story – Told by Mom

It was about time to greet Uri to this world. I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant and my body was more than ready to push and bring my bundle of joy into my life. I remember I couldn’t move with the same freedom than I did when I was only 7 months pregnant, but I worked hard…

Uri’s Birth Story – Told by Papa

Uri came to this world the usual way via natural birth. Born at Juneau Birth Center with very caring midwives, Uri had no complications. Stephanie, his mother, did everything she was told and made herself as comfortable as she could during the delivery…

Eleira’s Birth Story

It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday, one of the first sunny days of the year where you could actually feel the lights warmth. My due date was 6 days away, and I knew that as a first time mom I was likely to go over. I was taking advantage of the time to wrap up loose ends that needed to be taken care of prior to our daughter’s arrival…

Lucien’s Birth Story

Our baby was a complete surprise; sort of.

Cooper’s Birth Story

Since this was my fourth child, I felt I knew my body well enough to choose my own level of care.

Addi’s Birth Story

I waited and waited every day after the day I was able to have my planned Birth here in Juneau. I expected to go early.

Nel’s Birth Story

We were planning a home birth, but didn’t have a home until the final hour. That kept things exciting.